"African-Centered Engineered Product Creation to Drive Shared Socio-Economic Prosperity"

Prior to its decline in the eighteenth century, the ancient African Village was more than a place, it was a broad set of personalized networks, organized to create solutions for complex problems. It functioned on the principle of “wealth in people”– A true melting pot for shared socio-economic prosperity!

The ancient African Village is a unifying cultural heritage whose latent assets (meritocracy, vigilance & cosmopolitanism), combined with sustainable technologies, can be converted into unique comparative advantages for an African Technopreneurial Renaissance…

What is to be Delivered?  We believe that Integrating African Diasporic aspirations with the latent assets of the  African Village to establish an African-Centered Engineered Product Creation ecosystem can enhance shared socio-economic prosperity in Africa and its Diaspora. Our  African-centered engineered product creation process will profitably exploit engineering technologies within an inclusive and innovative development environment to enable solutions for getting-the-job-done…

To whom:  Technopreneurs, OEMs, Inventors, Governments,  Development Agencies, and anyone interested in bringing engineered products to African and global markets…

Providing these Unique Benefits:

1- Affordable, sustainable & innovative technical solutions to African industrialization challenges.

2- Economic growth and jobs creation in selective sectors of importance to Africa and its Diaspora.

3- Competitive advantage due to fast market response from agile resources.

4-  Direct access to evolving African-American technological, social and financial supply chain.

Energy & Water

Energy and water are fundamental inputs to socio-economic development. Africa has abundant sources of energy for generating electricity and mechanical power to sustain industrial growth.

Agriculture & Food

The ancient African Village practiced a holistic, systems approach to farming and the food system that resulted in improved ecological, social, and economic conditions. We are committed to supporting agricultural.

Health & Wellness

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously penetrating healthcare systems, leveraging Machine Learning based data analytics to synthesize knowledge for improving community wellness and access to patient care.

Training And Education

Education and training are fundamental to building the capacity of the STEM workforce. A significant portion of the African Village does not have access to a good education and effective training.

Our African-Centered Engineered Product Creation ecosystem is more than an enabler of local technology-intensive solutions, it’s about leveraging these solutions to transform communities for the better…

If getting-the-job-done right, in an organic and sustainable fashion is needed, We can create an affordable technology-intensive solution and link it to a shared socio-economic prosperity!